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Dave served 31 years on the Toronto Police Service retiring in 1988. A runner since he was 10 years old; these Games have become a huge part of his life. He has been the backbone of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association
assisting in every capacity. Back to running…surgery kept him out of the 1997 Calgary Games but his audition in 1999 Sweden gathered many medals and great friend from Boston PD Don Murray.

Short Summary

  • 1999 Sweden 1500m Silver; 400m & 800m Bronze; 5000m Gold
  • 2001 Indianapolis Steeplechase Gold (Record); Silver 5000m & 10000m; Bronze 400m & 800m
  • 2003 Barcelona Silver 400m & 800m; Bronze 1500, 5000 10000 & steeplechase
  • 2005 Quebec Silver 1500 & 5000; Bronze 400, 800, 1500, Steeplechase and Cross Country
  • 2007 Adelaide Silver 500 & 10000 Cross Country; Bronze 400 and steeplechase
  • 2009 Vancouver Gold Half Marathon (Record) Silver 10000, Steeplechase Bronze 800, 1500, 5000 and Cross Country
  • 2011 New York Gold 800, 1500, 5000, 10000, Steeplechase Silver 400m
  • 2015 Fairfax Gold Steeplechase, 1500, 5000 Bronze 800m

Dave was selected “Athlete of the Year” by the Toronto Police Association and rightfully so as he has dedicated so many much time and energy to its support. At every games you will Dave on the Track running and I mean every event. Like the Energizer Bunny he just keep moving.

And now right to the Hall of Fame best finish line.

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