Vancouver in 1989.

Team – Road Race Relay 30KM and Cross Country. 2 Golds. Cross Country team – Pat Collins, Jim Gaughan and George Maybury. Road Race Relay team – George Maybury, Pat Keane and Jim Gaughan.

1991 – Memphis, USA

Dan Quayle Rally. Unbelievable heat and humidity.
Training at night. Incessant drinking.
Dancing and singing on the track after the final relay.
Nashville, Graceland
Travelled injured.

1993 – Colorado, USA
Altitude, Pike’s Peak.
30 KM Road Race Relay – Gold.
Team – Kevin Grogan, John McDonnell and George Maybury
Mixed Triathlon Team Gold.
Team – Mary Burbage, John Caulfield and George Maybury
Cross Country Team – Bronze.
Team – Kevin Grogan, John McDonnell and George Maybury.

1995 – Melbourne, Australia
Gold 1500 metres, set championship record 4.14 which stood till 1992 in Barcelona.
Silver 800 metres.
Gave away all my gear to immigrants when I visited an Irish Club.

1997 – Calgary, Canada
800 metres, bronze, 1500 metres gold. Planning the late Wayne Parr’s race.

1999 – Stockholm, Sweden
Anchored Masters Triathlon team to gold.
Team – Mick Feehan, Tosh Lavery and George Maybury
Silver in 800 metres and bronze in 1500 metres.

2003 – Barcelona, Spain
Ran poorly – injured leading up to the event.

2009 – British Columbia, Canada
Silver 800 metres, bronze 1500 meters

Belfast 2013.
Silver in both the 800 and 1,500 metres.

Washington 2015
Silver in both the 800 and 1,500 metres.

2018 California Police Athletic Federation

California Police Athletic Federation

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