The World Police and Fire Games is an Olympic type multi-sport’s program for full time professional law enforcement officers and firefighters. The “Game” offers approximately sixty sports, ranging from Angling to Wrestling. In recent years the World Police and Fire Games has attracted as many as 16,000 entrants.

On the average, one and one-half persons accompany each competitor. This means that a total of 15,000-30,000 visitors come to the Host City and its environs during the 10 day event, creating an exciting and rewarding community-wide sporting and cultural event. In addition, the economic impact of the “Games” is substantial, not only during the Games but before and after as well, as many competitors and their guests remain in the area or arrive early for their vacation/holidays.

The Host is the organization selected by the Game’s Federation to put on the Games. The Host can represent one or more cities/communities. In the past, the Host has been a police or fire employee athletic group or association. It may consist of members from one agency or several agencies. Currently, we are experiencing highly successful Hosts involving non-police/fire personnel and organizations. Many groups have excellent contacts for potential sponsors and have extensive background in designing social and cultural experiences and conducting sporting events.


  • Letter of Intent:
    The first step is to write a “Letter of Intent” to host the World Police and Fire Games.
  • Site Inspection:
    Once the “Letter of Intent” is received, the potential host will have several months to prepare for a Site Inspection. The Games Federation will then send a small group of its directors to the Host City to examine the sports venues and housing facilities which the Host plans to use for the Games.
  • Bid Presentation:
    The final step is to participate in a “Bid Presentation” to the Games Federation Board of Directors. The purpose of the Bid Presentation is for the potential host to convince the Federation that it is the best organization to stage the Games.

The Games Federation Board of Directors will select the Host based on the quality of their Site Inspection and Bid Presentation.

We hope that this information will give you more insight into requirements for hosting the World Police and Fire Games. For complete details, please contact us at or call us at +858.571.9919.

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