John White

John White

Los Angeles City Fire Department

Indoor Rowing

John is a 45 year veteran of the Los Angeles City Fire Department and remembers when the Convention Center was his fire alarm district and here we are returning to those same grounds. Along the way, John founded the Firefighters for Christ, an International organization of Christian firefighters who help all those in need. As we all know the dangers in fighting fires.

Very few athletes can say they go all the back to beginning of the Games, John is one of them. Believing in athletics and what it can do for the spirit has been his goal; medals in Rowing and Track well they just came his way.

Fellowship is key to John as he goes out of his way to make friends all around the world. He has a smile and a gracious handshake to melt your heart right before he beats you on the row machine or out throws you on the Track. Great men come around only once in a while glad we have him here.


Over a period of 30 plus years of competing, John has won numerous Gold medals and a few Records to boot.

  • 1991 Memphis Bronze Handball
  • 1993 Colorado Springs Silver Indoor rowing, Bronze Doubles Rowing
  • 1995 Melbourne Gold Indoor Rowing Record, Silver Doubles
  • 1997 Calgary Gold Indoor Rowing, Silver Doubles Rowing
  • 2011 New York Gold Track and Field Hammer set Record Gold Track & Field Shot Put Golf Discus
  • 2015 Fairfax Dodgeball (coach) Silver

2018 California Police Athletic Federation

California Police Athletic Federation

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