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Pierre joined the Antibes Police Department May 1967. He has held several assignments including Lifeguard, Sailing Instructor and Under Water Diver.

He received the prestigious Medal of Courage and Devotion in Paris October 1970 for a rescue at sea. Knight of JEAN BART; Town of DUNKERQUE.

Pierre has been the President of the Sports Association of the POLICE of ANTIBES from 1979 to 1993. In 1974 he participated in the SOUTH-EAST MEDITERRANEAN Championships of French POLICE of Cycling, Cross Country, Marathon; Wind surf; Triathlon; Cross-country skiing and Golf.

He began his run at the WPFG in 1995 and his streak continues.


  • 1995 Melbourne Golf & Cycling Road Race
  • 1997 Calgary Cycling; Hill Climb; Criterium; Triathlon; Half Marathon
  • 1999 Stockholm Gold Triathlon; Cycling Road race Bronze Half Marathon
  • 2001 Indianapolis Silver Cycling Sprint & Criterium; Bronze Road Race
  • 2003 Barcelona Cycling evnts; Bronze Track 10000m
  • 2005 Quebec Gold Cycling Road Race Silver Criterium Hil Climb Bronze Sprint Gold Track Steeplchase Silver 5000m
  • 2007 Adelaine Gold Track 10000m 3K Steeplechase Silver 5000m Bronze 800m & 1500m Gold Cross Country
  • 2009 Vancouver Cycling Gold Road Race Sprint; Silver Criterium Gold Track 10000m, 1500m, 800m, 3K Steeplechase Gold Half Marathon
  • 2011 New York Cycling Gold Road Race Criterium Sprint Track Gold Steeplechase Bronze 5000m
  • 2013 Belfast Cycling Gold Criterium Silver Time Trials Hill Climb Bronze Road Race Track Gold Steeplechase Bronze 5000m
  • 2015 Fairfax Cycling Gold Road Race, Sprint, Criterium, Time Trial Track Gold Steeplechase, 1500m; Silver 10000m & 800m Cross Country Silver 5K Half Marathon Gold.

On the bike; in the water or on the Track Pierre is as tough as they come.

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