Venues: Weilin Billiards Club, F4, Yintai Center, Tianfu Fourth Street, Hi-tech Zone

Dates: Friday, August 9 through Wednesday, August 14

Start Time: 10:30

Coordinator: Zhang Tao

Email: 70424780@qq.com

Friday, August 9 & Saturday, August 10 – Nine Ball

Sunday, August 11 & Monday, August 12 – Eight Ball

Tuesday, August 13 & Wednesday, August 14 – Straight Pool

Start time for all events is 10:30 AM.


Please note that competitors in this sport are REQUIRED to register at the Main Accreditation Center (MAC) and receive their accreditation no later than the day before the competition begins


World Police & Fire Games Federation (WPFGF)

8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #107, San Diego, CA 92111 USA

Tele. (858) 571-9919 FAX: (858) 571-1641 E-MAIL: 4info@cpaf.org

There will be a no tolerance policy with regards to unsportsmanlike conduct and gamesmanship. Penalties will be assessed by the tournament director on a case-by-case basis. They will range from ball-in-hand foul to loss of rack to match forfeiture. In short, compete with dignity and honor the game.

To Download the Pocket Billiards Confirmation Letter, CLICK HERE

Assigned Director

2018 California Police Athletic Federation

California Police Athletic Federation

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