Bob was one of the original founder of the World Police Fire Games; Director of Athletics for the Los Angeles Police Department, and a stellar athlete, shooter, lifter and runner.

In the early 1970’s he took an idea of spreading the word of exercise by gathering a LAPD team and relay running across the entire USA. Literally all way from coast to coast long before the concept became the thing to do as we see it today. His work as the Athletic Director of the LAPD is legend even today many years after he retired.

It no accident that Bob follows Duke into the Hall of Fame since their first meeting in 1967 they were inseparable. The best one two punch ever delivered in sports. Bob saw the same possibility in sports: friendships, physical fitness and the opportunity to show the public that law enforcement and fire service were noble professions.

He never took his eye off the goal “Make the Games the best they can be”. Always there for the competitor, he do whatever it took to have the best venue and best officials.

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