Steve Goytia served for 34 years on the San Jose Fire Department, California. In 1985 at the First World Police Fire Games Steve was selected to be the Sports Manager. He took on this assignment with the same spirit and enthusiasm as he did as a firefighter. Direct right at the flames!

Steve set the role as the Sports Manager by placing the right people in the right assignments and leaving no detail overlooked.

Steve has been to every Opening Ceremony and competed in all 15 World police Fire Games. A feat only done by a few….

In all 15 games Steve has won 5 Golds, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals. Steve is an ambassador of the movement. He encourages all he meets to come to the Games enjoy the tough athletic competition and share the wonderful friendships.

Truly a representative of the spirit of these Games, Steve Goytia.

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